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English with Yoga

All Level 4 weeks~

1. You can practice yoga, which is one of the largest cultural aspects of India, as well as learn English. You can even enroll yourself for a 2 months yoga training program and be a trainer.

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English with Tourism

All Level 4 weeks~

2. Southern India has a lot of worthy places where not so many tourists have explored and investigated yet. You can gain knowledge by learning English and travelling.

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English with Cooking

All Level 4 weeks~

3. When you think of Indian food, you probably come up with curry as world famous dishes. However, Indian food is much more than curries. Along with learning English at Spiceup Academy, you can also learn the authentic Indian cuisines.

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English with Internship

Intermediate Advanced 8 weeks~

4. To get a practical experience of working in India, this course provides English training and an opportunity to work at a company as an intern.

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Graphic Design

English with Graphic Design

Intermediate Advanced 4 weeks~ Certificate

5. In this course, you can learn both English and graphic designing. These have become very essential in workplaces today. Hence, taking up this course will surely add value to your career.

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5 Reasons To Study at Spiceup Academy

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  • 1.Quality&Conductive clases
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  • 2.Reasonable Cost
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  • 3.Course Variation
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  • 4.Safe Environment
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  • 5.Complete Reliable Support

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Study English in Koramangala, Bangalore

Spiceup Academy is a special institution in teaching English language, Effective English communication skills and spoken English fluently. You can learn English from professional English teachers, The academy offers General English Course to students/learners interested in studying abroad in India, as well as those already residing in India You will find students from all over the world in Koramangala. You can live in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere while studying English.

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