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E-Learning at Spiceup Academy

Do you know that two billion people will be studying English over the next ten years? Be part of it today by partnering with us!

Now we offer you the opportunity to Learn English on the go with Spiceup E-Learning. This is the ideal course for working professionals and people who do not have time to invest in a full time course. You can learn through our E-Learning program which is an internationally tested and recognized program.


Enrol now to get exciting opportunities for learning and improving your English. It is a fully self-sustaining platform that has been tried and tested with various clients all over the world.

Detailed description of the offer:

Our offer:

3 months of English courses online 100 hours

6 months of English courses online 175 hours

12 months of English courses online 250 hours

Our platform is a very pedagogical 5,000-page e-learning site developed by graduates from Canadian and American universities. We have worked with English teachers who have taught in universities, colleges and businesses, including ivy league schools around the world, universities in Canada (Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary), but also in many languages schools (English as a Second Language).

The platform is:

5,500 pages of training, 4,700 multimedia files

Available on all devices, Iphone, Ipad, Android, Windows...

A series of lessons per level (beginner, elementary, intermediate, advanced). Duration: 1 hour / lesson

2 warm ups per week to download on our site (vocabulary / conversation with mp3 listening and grammar used on mobile phones). Duration: 60 minutes / week

35 vocabulary modules / conversation topics. Duration: 60 minutes / week

45 grammar modules (60 minutes)

Companies already using our e-learning platform: PayPal, eBay, Texas Instruments, Shopping.com, Volvo, CGI Canada, Agence France Presse, Direct Energy, Hachette, Logica, etc.

Highly recommended for a successful TOEIC or TOEFL exam

Our lessons offer the flexibility of working on computers, smartphones, MP3 players or by using traditional paper.

The program

Before you start your training you will be guided and further, you can always reach our teachers who will guide you through the different stages of your learning:

Getting started:

Do your level test

Establish your objectives

Begin your training

The Method: “Speaking and Listening” in 5 steps:

Each step is very playful, interactive and intuitive along with an easy to follow site architecture, where a teacher is always there to help you! Also the content is interesting.

Warmups©:The warmups© are meant to be done once a day on your smartphone or your computer. The objective is to make the English you use daily really fluent. It is like doing scales when you learn to play the piano. (available in MP3 and PDF format, great for smart phones and mobility)

Lessons thematic and chronological: Each lesson is built around a theme such as CVs, writing email, travelling, communications, marketing etc. The articles are interesting and useful. Each lesson becomes progressively harder.

There is accent (spoken) and comprehension (listening) development in each lesson.

Vocabulary and conversation modules “à la carte”: Improve your vocabulary by choosing the specific topics that you need to develop. Great for accent development and listening.

Grammar point©: A specific grammar point. This is more of a classic way to learn grammar. One difference is that there are listening exercises.

During the course, teachers will be available for any questions.

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More info please email us at info@spiceup.in

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