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FAQ about Spiceup Academy


  • What are the salient features of Spiceup Academy?

    Our first priority is to provide a top quality English Language Training Program and ensure a better life for all of our students. We offer the appropriate language training program to the students even if there is only one student in a particular class. In addition, Spiceup Academy is located in an area where students can stay comfortably.There are many Chinese and Italian restaurants and cafe's around here, therefore you don't need to worry about accommodation or meals.


  • How long can I study at Spiceup Academy?

    Spiceup Academy offers 4 levels of General English Course. You need to take an Entry test to ascertain at which level you will start. Usually it takes 2 months to step up to the next level. In addition, students have certain limitations with respect to their duration to study. Therefore, it depends on the level at which you start, how long you need to go on to the next level and how long you wish to study here. You can initially apply for 3 months before coming to India. And if you wish to study for a longer period you can later discuss with your trainers at Spiceup Academy and plan as per your requirement.


  • I am worried about the pronunciation and intonation of Indian teachers.

    The teachers at Spiceup Academy are Indian people who have international experience and professional skills in teaching English. English is the second official language in India, so you do not need to worry about this. In India, most youngsters can speak English fluently. If you have something you really want to share, English is the means to communicating it to the world.


  • How much will it cost to stay in India for a month?

    In order to help you live a comfortable life in India, Spiceup Academy, would like to recommend accommodation which is suitable for foreigners in India. The accommodation we recommend is available for $195~$245 per month. The total amount will be $355~$485 per month, (including the rent and meals) to stay in Bangalore, India.

More info please email us at info@spiceup.in

Call us on +91-80-4203-6323

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