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About Spiceup Academy

Spiceup Academy is an English Language School located in the heart of Bangalore, India. Spiceup Academy is a division of Spiceup Japan. We offer a General English Course for adult learners from different parts of the world. Students from at least 20 countries have studied at Spiceup Academy since 2013.


We offer General English Course for students of different levels. The duration of every level is 12 weeks, however, students study at our institute for 4-24 weeks. We offer up to 5 hours of classes daily which adds up to 25 hours a week. If you want to study here longer, we will make a plan for you in consultation with teachers.

Courses that we offer at Spiceup Academy


We are not currently offering this course. Please contact info@spiceup.in for details.


Why study in India?

India is the second most popular country in the world after China. It offers a unique mix of culture and modernity. The social and cultural diversity is one of the highlights of Indian culture and our students are given ample opportunity to experience that. Global cuisine is accessible in most cities in India and people from every part of the world live in a city like Bangalore.

Why choose Bangalore, India?

Bangalore is truly a global city. It is known popularly as the Silicon Valley of India and it is one of the emerging cities of Asia and the world. It has great weather, it is safe for everyone and it is a centre for education and employment.

The teeming night life in Bangalore is also worth mentioning, the great restaurants, clubs and pubs that the city has to offer are a treat for all.


Are you interested in improving your and your group’s English ability in India? We are offering Business English course to individuals and groups from companies or schools. Spiceup Academy is the best place to learn English helpful for your business.


How to Apply

Students can apply to Spiceup Academy by mail or through one of our agents in your country. You can also apply online on our website. If you have any questions, you can send us an email to info@spiceup.in and we will get back to you.

You can download the brochure here.

Application form (download)

You can download the application form here

Step-1: Choose a course and duration.

Step-2: Inquire about it by email (info@spiceup.in )

Step-3: Once you decided to study at Spiceup Academy, transfer the fee by online banking

Step-4: Send us your passport copy by email

Step-5: We will send you an admission letter along with certificate of incorporation.

Step-6: Submit these letters to the VISA centre to get a VISA.

Step-7: Once you get your visa, buy round tickets to Bangalore.


FAQ about Spiceup Academy

What are the salient features of Spiceup Academy?

Our first priority is to provide a top quality English Language Training Program and ensure a better life for all of our students. We offer the appropriate language training program to the students even if there is only one student in a particular class. In addition, Spiceup Academy is located in an area where students can stay comfortably. There are many Chinese and Italian restaurants and cafe's around here, therefore you don't need to worry about accommodation or meals.

More info please email us at info@spiceup.in

Call us on +91-80-4203-6323

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